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What we do

We Educate

We Help

We Build

We Donate

Providing sustainable resources for all the children. Like food , cloths , water , and many more

We provide comfort and a shoulder to lean on.
We are always available to provide support when ever they kids are in need

Health care
Our children’s health is the most important thing to us. To us “health is wealth” and we take very serious caution when it come to our children. We provide them with the best health care we can possibly can

We provide good abs quality education. Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. At Olufoundation it is our dream and desire that our children prosper and excel in all things so we make sure we put them in good standards schools that will help improve their life


Donations of Clothes which are no longer of use will be distributed to the needy

Nursing Mother

Provision of necessity for nursing mother to ensure the survival of her child

Gift for Children

No matter how small, any donation from you will be whole heartedly appretiated
Fund Assistance

Assistance to Foundations is Help to People

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We Use Donations to Help People

We Create Savings Funds

Make a Donation

Our orphanage needs various forms of support, right from financial donations to material, you can donate food items, clothing, napkins, diapers, shoes, books, pencils and food items

 Volunteer in our orphanage

 What do you do on weekends, vacations, and your free times or when you are on leave, you can volunteer with our orphanage and help relieve the staff, play with the kids, and spread some love.

 Olufoundation is hereby established to render all round  complementary humanitarian services to these unfortunate children in our society

Olufoundation is here to  erase the stigma attached to the orphan status and to create a leverage of equality for these group of children with their peers in the world, irrespective of the circumstances they were born into. We dream of a greater Nigeria devoid of street kids and homeless women laboring for crumbs. he past few years have been full of challenges, but despite all the trying times we have faced, We have come out stronger, and more determined to continue and make sure all kids have a better life. One of our greatest achievements is the impact we have made in savings countless kids that have been abandoned at the roadsides, rejected by parents and almost being sold by guardians. The race so far has not been easy, but with God and your support, we believe we can achieve our goal.

We are grateful

Thank You for your generosity towards making the life of a child better: We are Grateful for your prayers, financial support, mental support, your presence and your show of love to us. May God Almighty Reward you a hundred fold.